You Can Get Sunflowers With Skulls In Them

Did you ever wonder what the end result would be when two opposite things fused together? This skull sunflower lawn décor combines the symbol of death and the symbol of life. And we have to admit, we’re digging this terrifying twist on our favorite summer flower. This faux bloom features the flower’s bright yellow ray florets but the disk florets come in a form of a creepy skull. And the contrast between the radiant petals and the eerie center accent makes this Halloween display bone-chillingly beautiful.

Each skull sunflower is held by a long, sturdy stem complete with artificial leaves. You can just plant these things next to your real sunflowers in your garden. Or place them in a pot to adorn your front porch with a bunch of these scary florals. These decors are mighty spooky all on their own. But you can up your décor game by decking the horrifying bouquet with fake spider webs. Then turn your lawn into a mystical spectacle at night by adding some spooky lighting to highlight the bony bloom, making the garden scene even more chilling when it gets dark.


Skull Sunflower Yard Decorations

skull sunflower lawn decors

The skull sunflower Halloween décor comes in three different styles. Option 1 features a single bloom with a full skull, option 2 features a single bloom and a skull without the mandible (lower jaw), and option 3 features three blooms each with its own skull. Each spooky flower is sold individually and measures 23.6 inches tall. The skulls are made of lightweight plastic so it won’t drag down or bend the stem. Now imagine planting these in your garden along with the creepy eyeball plants. This clever combination is definitely a Halloween dream – er… nightmare – come true.

skull sunflower decors with spooky lighting


spooky halloween single-headed floral decor


spooky halloween floral decor


spooky halloween multi-headed floral decor


skull sunflower halloween decors

Source: Etsy