Skittles Dips Have Been Doing Well In The UK And Now The US Can Get Their Hands On Them

Here’s some good news from Skittles. They’re making our dreams come true! Yes, Skittles Dips are finally coming to store shelves! It’s official — we’ll finally be tasting our favorite candy in creamy yogurt flavored coating.

In their Facebook announcement, the candy company said:

“Our fanciest Skittles yet are being hand-delivered to a store near you. Get ready for Skittles DIPS coming in 2020!”

Luckily for we have found where you can get them today!

skittles dips candy in creamy yogurt flavored coating

We may have interrupted you for a moment, but it’s all true. Skittle Dips is vying to be your candy obsession! But before the official announcement, a Reddit user has already posted a photo of Skittles Dips.

In the photo, you’ll see the original Skittles candy in creamy yogurt flavored coating. The Redditor said that it was their neighbor (from Columbus, Ohio) that gave it to them. But, who is that neighbor? And where did the neighbor get the candy? Could it be that he has more candies? Doesn’t he like to be friends with us, too?

Well, on the packaging, it says:

“This unit not labeled for individual retail sale.”

yogurt skittles

So, probably, that version of the candy was a trial one. Production in the early stage, right? Someone likely has connections with the Mars Wrigley. And yet, since it already has a label, it’s a sign of good news! Well, this was when we started to have hopes for the new Skittles Dips to hit our local stores.

Another Redditor commented on the post:

“I can’t even find them when I Google it. Damn.”

Yes, we felt them the same as you, dear. But of course, we’re celebrating now!

So, if you’re living in the UK, we’d say you were the first ones to be fortunate.

Today, the Skittles Dips candy in creamy yogurt flavored coating is already out in stores.

where can i get more of these?? i thought they were gonna suck but they were really good and i can’t find them anywhere from r/candy

One Instagram account, @instafoodietwins, already shared photos of the yogurt-covered Skittles. They look pale, but we’re surely longing for them!

The Skittle Dips flavors include Orange, Lime, Lemon, Blackcurrant, and Strawberry. That’s according to the UK packaging. So, be sure to check the US version!


You can now get yourself the Skittles dips today here.