Skittles Dress


Now you can wear the rainbow at your next party with this awesome Skittles dress! You'll look super sweet! Perfect for themed Birthday or fancy dress parties!


  1. Debz Kalwa Sharp

    Jess dress for u lol

  2. Jess Allen

    Omg that's wicked! Pmsl!xx

  3. Debz Kalwa Sharp

    thought u may like it hehehe soon as saw it thought of u lol xx

  4. JoAnn Martin

    Look Amber Kabina! I thought of you when I saw this 🙂

  5. Lauren Brockes Fotography


  6. Lauren Brockes Fotography


  7. Beth Capouch Anderson

    Patt Capouch Bowman….this one's for you!

  8. Madison Klingerman

    I want it!!!!

  9. Clarissa Vargas

    taste the rainbow

  10. Kim Forrest

    Dunno if id have the guts to wear it….

  11. Tárcio Sales

    I like it.. kkkkk
    how to play it ? wow hahhah!

  12. Tárcio Sales

    I like it.. kkkkk
    how to play it ? wow hahhah!

  13. Bel Soares


  14. Bel Soares


  15. Tárcio Sales

    Bel Soares gostou ne? kkkk

  16. Bel Soares

    Tárcio Sales I liked it so much! hahahaha #sqn

  17. Tárcio Sales

    Bel you could use one like this .. I will really like to see "very closely" kkk

  18. Bel Soares

    I think… I just think is better you forget this ideia! kkkkkkkkkkk

  19. Tárcio Sales

    Ah poxa kkk

  20. Melanie Lee


  21. Paige Emberg

    This with a pear of gumball tights from justice

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