11 Archaic Jobs That Don’t Exist Anymore

People complain now about the advent of new technology displacing workers from their jobs, and while it’s reasonable to worry that a robot might replace you, the job market changing is something that has always happened. Bad news for anyone who apprenticed as a knocker-upper, but good news for progress! Thanks to the folks over at 9GAG, we have an awesome list of eleven archaic jobs that pretty much don’t exist anymore. Some areas do still have milkmen, but even this practice is dying out! Take a look at these now-defunct jobs and see how people used to live!

It must have been so tedious to watch everyone have fun whilst having to keep resetting the pins!

But how did the human alarm clocks ensure they were up in time?

We bet there were a lot of accidents surrounding this job.

Wow! What an interesting set up…

Well done to these people for risking getting sick to help others!

We wonder how many lamps the workers could light in a shift?

No one likes spoiled milk!

These workers must have been super strong.

Time for these employees probably flew by as they were so busy!

Grave digging would definitely not have been for us! Creepy.

We can see why this was done. A pretty good idea if you ask us!

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