Rugged Makita Coffee Maker Is Job Site Ready And Runs Off The Same Power Tool Batteries

Need a boost of energy to keep you going? A cup of coffee should do the trick. This is why a thermos filled with coffee is a must on the job site. You never know when you run out of energy and need to recharge. But what if you have already ran out of coffee and there are no coffee shops nearby the job site? How are you going to deal with this nightmare? Thankfully, a rugged job site coffee maker exists to save the day. Japan-based power tools manufacturing company Makita introduces the first-of-its-kind job site coffee maker that runs on power tool batteries.

makita job site coffee maker cordless

This cordless portable coffee maker is powered by any standard 18V lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. But it is also compatible with slide-type Li-ion 10.8 V and Li-ion 14.4 V power tool batteries. This means that you can take out the battery of your power drill and use it to power this job site coffee maker. Take note that this product doesn’t include a battery and a charger so you’ll have to buy these devices separately.

makita job site coffee maker battery powered


makita rugged job site coffee maker

When powered by an 18V Li-ion battery, it can brew one 5 oz cup of coffee in 5 minutes. In one charge, this cordless coffee maker can make up to 5 cups of coffee. It has a permanent drip filter that allows you to pour coffee grounds or coffee pods directly into the coffee maker. With this built-in feature, the use of paper filter is no longer required. Simply fill the 8.1 oz water tank with water, pour the coffee grounds, and let this convenient device bring you fresh brewed coffee whenever the job takes you. Plus, it has a Boil Dry Protection feature that automatically turns the device off if there is not enough water in the container.

makita job site coffee maker


makita job site coffee maker slide-type battery


makita job site coffee maker with mug


makita job site coffee maker red water tank


makita job site coffee maker water tank

makita job site coffee maker blue


makita job site coffee maker easy grip handle


makita job site coffee maker red

But wait, there’s more. This job site coffee maker features a compact design with sufficient cup clearance and easy-grip handle on top for easy transport. You can choose from two different colors – blue and red. Every purchase of this coffee maker includes a Makita coffee mug (with lid), a measuring spoon, and a removable water tank. So, get this ultra-rugged job site coffee maker here and carry your favorite authentic coffee anywhere with ease.

Learn more about Makita cordless coffee maker on the video below