These Guys Went Fishing But Came Back With Kittens


When these friends went fishing, the last thing they expected to come back to shore with, was a couple of kittens. But, that's exactly what happened! Jason Front and Brandon Key were out on a small boat on 'Black Warrior River', in Alabama, when they noticed something small and furry swimming towards them. As it came closer, they realized it was a kitten! They scooped it up onto the safety of the boat and were just trying to rein in their surprise, when they saw another one jump off the river bank and also swim towards them. Now, cats aren't known for being swimmers and, in fact, are notoriously unimpressed by water. So, why did these two kittens jump into the lake and swim towards the boat? The sad likelihood is that these baby cats were probably part of an unwanted litter, and were dumped by some nasty people in the woods! So, as soon as seeing some human life, they took a chance because they were desperate to be rescued! Take a look!





If you're worried about the kittens, apparently, there was a happy ending. A family with some little girls had recently decided to get some cats, and they adopted both of the siblings!

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