This Inflatable Raft Has A Clear Bottom So You Can See Into The Water

The world under the sea is home to countless treasures, breathtaking landscapes and beautiful sea creatures. But of course, it is a world only those who dive and swim can see. Well, until this inflatable clear bottom raft was created. With its see-through bottom surface, you can get a view of the underwater environment from inside the boat. So, there’s no need to dive into the water with a snorkel mask just to get a glimpse of the stunning underwater.

This clear bottom raft is ideal for kids. Getting them on this small vessel allows them to see the view below the waterline thanks to its transparent floor. It also provides a simple way to let us admire the underwater world from the surface. So, we can enjoy underwater sightseeing without ending up with bloodshot red eyes due to the salty water. Furthermore, the clear floor also gives the rider the sensation of walking on water.


Inflatable Clear Bottom Raft

water boat with tranparent floor

This inflatable raft has two air valves to allow easy inflation and deflation in just seconds. Its mouth and hand pump valve allows you to blow air into it using your mouth or a hand pump. And its large rapid air release valve fits a wide number of electric pump attachments. When fully inflated, the vessel should measure 62 inches long, 40 inches wide and 12 inches high.

Its 12-inch tall outer wall should keep your kids safe and secure inside the raft. It has a pair of safety handles located on each side that can also be used with oars. And it has a pull rope on the front allowing it to be hand-pulled around the water. But take note that this is not intended to be pulled by a motor boat.

inflatable clear bottom raft


pool float safety handles


inflatable clear bottom raft air valves


pool float with transparent floor

The inflatable raft has a weight capacity of up to 185 lbs. You can also use it on a lake, river or swimming pool. If your kids are not confident swimmers, we highly advise putting life jackets on them for their safety. Air pump and oars are not included in the purchase. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Our 4 year old was too nervous to snorkel in the open ocean, so we bought this boat. He loved it! It was easy for us to push around and snorkel at the same time. Our little one could see all the same wildlife as us – eels on the sea floor, turtles, fish, etc. We were able to fold the boat up and put it in the front pocket of a full size suitcase.”

inflatable clear bottom raft pool


pool float transparent floor


inflatable clear bottom raft underwater

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inflatable clear bottom raft kids

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