‘WaterDog’ Is A Motion Activated Drinking Fountain For Your Dog So They Can Have A Drink Whenever They Want

Still sticking around with that putrid water bowl? It’s kind of sitting there in your backyard, almost done in its preparations for releasing the next big flu. Well, you don’t have to risk your health just to provide water for your dog! Yes, there are now better options to quench his thirst during the hottest days of summer. Introducing the outdoor dog water drinking fountain by Contech!

This Contech dog water fountain is an automatic, motion-sensing drinking fountain. It actually turns on as soon as your dog puts his nose about 3 inches away from the sensor. When his nose is close enough, the fountain will stream out fresh water for your furry friend to drink. Worry not about water conservation, since the fountain will stop squirting automatically as your dog leaves!

motion sensing outdoor dog water drinking fountain

The WaterDog outdoor dog water drinking fountain by Contech is a motion-sensing water fountain that turns on and off automatically.

sample outdoor dog water drinking fountain

This motion sensor dog water fountain is easy to install. If you already have an outdoor faucet, that’s just basically all you need. It has 4 C-cell batteries that can power up to auto-water your dog up to 1 year. After that, you just have to replace the batteries.

If you think your dog is too small or too tall — no worries. You can adjust the fountain’s height to the size of any dog. It’s also flexible since it can sense your furry buddy even within a 40-degree angle (with respect to the device).

demo outdoor dog water drinking fountain

 It saves water and saves your outdoor environment from accumulating flu-causing germs from a water bowl!

Moreover, you can simply connect the fountain to any kind of outdoor faucet. You can even use it with the flow-through connector that is also part of the WaterDog package. This helps a lot if you would like to use the garden hose with the outdoor faucet at the same time. So, your dog can stay hydrated all through the day and all through the night!

the product outdoor dog water drinking fountain

Interested? You can see how the Contech WaterDog outdoor dog water drinking fountain works in the video below:

the product outdoor dog water drinking fountain


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