20 Photos of Determined People That Prove Giving Up Is Never an Option

Are you about to quit on that resolution or goal? Before doing so, why not take a look at these determined people who never gave up amidst the trials and difficulties they faced. These people are truly inspiring and they might just be the motivation you need to focus on your dream, no matter what. Check out these 20 photos of determined people that prove giving up is never an option.


Take it from Malala Yousafzai, the youngest recipient of the Noble Peace Prize.

Left: Pump attendant (1999). Right: Finance manager (2017)

This 72-year old dad who’s also a Vietnam war veteran graduated college with honors.

 A young man jogging in the hopes of making the high school football team. His family couldn’t afford to buy him proper equipment or send him to camp, so he improvised.

Try and try until you succeed.

He finally rented his first accessible apartment after not leaving his house for years.

A true testament that no setback should stop anyone.

This guy lives at the back of a gym in a van, yet never gave up on his dreams.

Through thick and thin. #relationshipgoals

Melanie, who suffers from Down’s syndrome, makes her dream come true of becoming a weather forecaster on TV.

People who never gave up on their goals


That sweet victory after biking 4,374 miles across the United States.

He’ll continue drawing with pencils until he’s 40, then follow his dreams of being an accountant.

If she can do it, why can’t you?

This 46-year old man finally took his dream vacation.

Dad finally wins Dark Souls 3 after 132 hours of pure determination.

When your childhood dream becomes a reality.

Arab women can’t travel alone, but this 25-year old Pakistani cycled from Muenster to Aachen, Germany to prove it otherwise.

In 2017, this 107-year old grandma graduated and received her high school diploma.

This man lost 50 lbs. A reminder that losing weight is NOT impossible.

A taxi driver, parachute jump pilot, flight instructor, business jet pilot and now an airline pilot. This man proves you can go places in life no matter how slow your progress may be.