Artist Draws Funny Doodles While In Unnecessary Meetings And They’re Hilarious

Are you sick and tired of attending unnecessary meetings? We’ve been there, when you think I don’t need to be here and it’s just utterly boring. When there’s nothing else to do, we usually kill time by scribbling funny doodles and other participants might think you’re taking notes seriously. But who in their sane mind would do that, right? Well, one person took this engaging diversion to a higher level. BeastFlaps, the talented artist behind Grumpy Animals, shares some of their most hilarious scribbles they drew while attending some of their unnecessary meetings.

When asked about their opinion about companies holding so many unnecessary meetings, BeastFlaps said this is just ‘absolute madness’. So, as a self-sufficient artist, BeastFlaps thinks that sending emails instead of holding meetings would save them time and money.

funny doodles meme


“I’m not against face to face discussions if there’s a need to plan an event or product, but are you really going to travel halfway across the country just to tell me the top of the brochure should be sky blue? Well, okay then. I think a quick email with bullet points would save humans trillions annually.”, BeastFlaps said.

So, finding yourself stuck at meetings where you just sit and listen to someone speak for hours would be gruesomely boring. However, BeastFlaps found a way to pass the monotonous time by making little doodles. It not only allows the artist to further enhance their skills but it also helps them appear like they’re earnestly taking notes. And that’s hitting two birds with one stone.


Artist BeastFlaps draws funny doodles during boring meetings


Just like the artist’s popular Grumpy Animals creations, BeastFlaps’ doodles also feature tiny creatures in humorous situations including flies, earthworms, bees, spiders, mosquitoes and ants, in comics-like illustrations showing their hilarious conversations. The drawings are so funny that the artist found the need to share them on social media. Boredom indeed, is the mother of creativity and BeastFlaps might have just proven that.

We’ve compiled the best from the artist’s collection of doodles to help you fight your own boredom.

Source: BeastFlaps