Make A Poolside Patio Using Only Wooden Pallets


Who'd have thought you could jimmy up a fully functioning, attractive DIY poolside patio using only wooden pallets? Wooden pallets are easy to get a hold of, often for free, or next to nothing. The internet is full of ideas of what you can do with old wooden pallets…you can make everything from tables, to benches and even flooring. Now one family has taken their wooden pallet DIY dreams to the next level, creating an entire outdoor patio and lounge area using…you guessed it, Wooden pallets! Check out how they did it, it's easy!


First thing is to sand the pallets so they're nice and smooth, and clean, too.


Use a paint primer to prime your pallets. You can use a spray paint gun, or just roller and brushes.


Paint the pallets whatever color you want your new deck to be.


Let the paint dry!


Lay down a geotextile mat where you want the patio to be. (This helps stop grass growing in between your pallets and also prevents the space getting too muddy).



Arrange your painted pallets on top of the mat to create the floor.


Then simply set up the back fence and seating area.

Make sure everything's lined up nice and  evenly…


…then secure the pieces together with steel rods and wires, like so!


Add on the rest of the front fencing.



Throw on a few cushions and pillows for comfort's sake!


Pretty it up with some flower pots…


…and voila! You've got the perfect place for lounging on mild days!



Add some shade and deck chairs to really make it the perfect place to be, post-swim!


It's a wonderful summer oasis!


Your patio can even look inviting at night thanks to some simple outdoor lighting.


…and, of course, it's the perfect spot for an outdoor cocktail party!

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