Limited Edition Oreo Rainbow Cookies Have Been Unveiled With 7 Different Colors

October is, no doubt, the best time to indulge in pumpkin spice-flavored treats. However, you might want to set them aside, for now, to give way to the Oreo Rainbow Cookies. Aside from being the peak of the fall season, October also happens to be LGBTQ+ History Month. So, in light of this month-long celebration, Oreo has teamed up with PFLAG for its #ProudParent campaign.

The campaign aims to highlight the importance of love, acceptance and affirmation towards the LGBTQ+ community, especially the youth. So, as part of the campaign, Oreo and PFLAG have released a short film titled Proud Parent. The film ends with the quote, “A loving world starts with a loving home,” inspiring parents to come out in support of their children.


Oreo is releasing rainbow cookies as part of its #ProudParent campaign in collaboration with PFLAG

To further raise awareness for the cause, Oreo has also launched special-edition #ProudParent cookie packs. Unlike typical Oreo sandwich cookies, these cookies come with colored crème fillings in the center. There’s red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and violet—just like the colors of the Pride flag. Now, on to the exciting part—how to get your hands on a pack of these cookies?

Unfortunately, these cookies will come in extremely limited quantities and will not be available in stores. However, that doesn’t mean it’s totally impossible to get your hands on them. To stand a chance at bagging a pack, all you’ll have to do is share a photo of what “allyship” means to you.

Upload it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #ProudParent and #Giveaway. Be sure to tag @Oreo and follow them as well. Oreo will be giving away one pack to each of the first 10,000 people who will upload their entries starting on October 9th.

Although there’s nothing quite special about the cookies’ flavor, their rainbow-colored crème filling is definitely the first of its kind. They’re fun, and, more importantly, they raise awareness on an important issue. So, what are you waiting for? Show your utmost support to the LGBT+ community and upload your entries now! Good luck!