Adorable Pet Adoption Photos That Will “Hit You Right In The Feels”

Pet adoption photos are perhaps among the most precious and purest things on the internet. Seeing adorable animals getting a second chance at love and finally finding their forever homes is just heartwarming. So, if you’re looking for a new furry friend, might we suggest adopting one instead of buying one. That way, you don’t just get to earn a new lifelong friend but also save an innocent life.

Kelly DiCicco, adoption promotions manager of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), sheds a light on the inner workings of animal adoption in the US. According to her, “approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter US animal shelters nationwide every year.” 3.3 million of which are dogs, while 3.2 million are cats.


In the US alone, approximately 6.5 million animals end up in shelters each year


“I’ve wanted a dog for about ten years but my work or living situations were never right. Everything’s lined up now and I’ve got my puppy. Just wanted to share my little dude!”


“My brother’s new pup, Baker.”


“I just wanted to show the world of Reddit the most precious thing in my world. My rescue kitty, Sunshine, does this whenever she wants belly rubs. She’s chosen me as her mommy. Hope she adds some sunshine to your day.”


“Say hello to Bubbles. Rescued as a stray kitten at one month old.”


“I’m adopting a chonky boi!”

On a lighter note, DiCicco revealed that she has seen a significant increase in adoption rates over the years. And in this post, we have featured some heartfelt pet adoption photos that might just convince you to do the same. For anyone who’s looking into adopting a pet, she suggests getting all family members involved.


“The first step when considering adoption is to make sure everyone in the household is ready for the responsibility.”


Let’s Take A Look At More Pet Adoption Photos


“This is my rescue baby, Lucy. She’s about 15 and the absolute love of my life.”


“When your foster kittens match your decor! Exhausted from their first day exploring their new foster home.”


“My wife and adopted a sick puppy a few weeks back, and after a lot of love (and food) he’s getting exponentially cuter.”


“Adopted this majestic floof today.”


“Our rescue Pandora has a split face and majestic eyes.”


The Love of a Rescue Dog

When adopting, keep in mind that there are times when a match simply doesn’t work out. And DiCicco reassures that it’s okay. For cases like this, she recommends rehoming the animal with another family member or a friend for a potential match. Likewise, you can always reach out back to the shelter for some advice.


“Met my best friend yesterday and brought him home!”


“My grandma just adopted him.”


“My ancient rescue pupper in his trailer. He is 13 and goes everywhere with me, even out on the bike.”


“We just adopted this little guy today! Say hi to Nugget! (Or as I like to call him: Dr. Robotnug)”


“A dog and his best friend. They are purrfect for each other. We adopted the dog, then he begged and pleaded till we took in a stray that hangs out around our home. They are inseparable.”

DiCicco also emphasized on the benefits of adopting animals from shelters, aside from giving them a new life.


“Beyond just helping an animal in need, you’re giving your new pet an opportunity to find their voice; to be themselves and get a second chance to become a pet beyond the walls of a shelter.”

In addition, when you adopt, you help provide additional space and resources for other animals in need. And in a way, adopting also helps put an end to cruel breeding facilities like puppy mills. Keep scrolling down for more captivating pet adoption photos and adoption success stories!


Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment that comes with great responsibilities


“Couldn’t decide a name so I just kept calling her Little. So meet Little!”


“The day I adopted her”


“My wife and I were warned about adopting a second cat. Within a few days, the older one (brown) was snuggling, grooming, and spending every minute with her.”


“This is Milo the rescue Kitty. She is blind so I remind her about 20 times a day of how beautiful she is.”


“Got a new puppy and he doesn’t like sleeping alone. Came downstairs to this”


“We rescued this little guy from the streets. His face can melt hearts…”


“This is Aretha, a rescue cow. She groomed my legs with her tongue then fell asleep. She’s a good girl.”


“This is Amy we rescued her on Valentine’s Day. She’s been living at the shelter for over a year and no one wanted her because she has weight issues. But I do as well so we’re on a diet together. I’ll post updates of her weight loss journey.”


“Meet Lucy. Our 5 year old, recently adopted spaz with a zest for life and a need for constant belly rubs. I hope she makes someone smile.”


“My cat had anxiety issues, so we adopted a little sister for him.”


“Girlfriend and I adopted a puppy, meet Scarlet Batdog :)”


“Adopted her today! Finally peeking out of the couch.”


“Everyone meet my tripawd Buddy!! All healed up and living his best life!!”


But these adorable pet adoption photos prove that it’s an equally fulfilling experience too


“Been wanting to rescue a dog for a while, and we finally found our good boy!”


“Our two rescue pups, Monty and Tuck”


“I think my sister’s rescue cat is broken…”


“This is Chet, a foster fail (we adopted him)”


“We’ve just adopted these girls from our local shelter.”


“My parent’s new lab puppy likes to stick her tongue out at you.”


“Adopted Kipling a day before my other cat. You might say he’s very social.”


“My friend keeps sending me snaps of her new adoption”


“Adopted this little guy from a shelter. He ate a ton of food and made himself right at home; I think he likes it here.”


“We adopted him as a pup without knowing exactly what mix he was. Little did we know he would grow up into a purebred Batdog.”


“This is Link! I adopted him 3 days ago from the local shelter. I was told he’s a Golden Retriever mix and I can’t wait to see if he gets big or stays small!”