San Antonio Zoo Installed Life-Sized LEGO Animal Replicas Using Millions Of Bricks

LEGO has been a huge part of many childhoods. It allows children to unleash their creativity, imagination and curiosity. Now, kids and adults can experience the iconic toy bricks in nature during a visit to the zoo. The San Antonio Zoo in Brackenridge Park features a special exhibition where visitors can see life-size replicas of animals made of LEGO bricks. These wild animal replicas are installed along the zoo’s drive-thru zone. So, visitors don’t need to leave their cars just to see the exhibition.

The San Antonio Zoo added the Wild Connections exhibition to perk up its popular drive-thru experience. It features animal sculptures that are entirely made from the toy bricks. This exhibition aims to attract more visitors amidst the global battle against Covid-19. San Antonio Zoo is one of the millions of organizations affected by the global lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. Since the lockdown started, the zoo has had to close and was unable to generate income. Because of this, the zoo no longer had any money to feed and take care of its animal residents.


San Antonio Zoo Installed Life-Sized LEGO Animal Replicas

Now restrictions are beginning to ease up, many businesses can finally reopen under certain conditions. The San Antonio Zoo, for instance, started to open its gates again to welcome visitors while ensuring safety protocols and maintaining physical distancing.

However, many people are still hesitant to visit public places where huge crowds are likely to gather. As businesses try to recover from the pandemic impact, generating only half of their usual revenue isn’t going to help them get back on track. For San Antonio Zoo, they need to do something to gather more visitors. And that’s when the idea of animal sculptures came to mind.

The wild animal replicas were created by New York artist Sean Kenney. The exhibition consists of over 30 animal sculptures which will be on display until September 5th. It includes life-sized replicas of wild animals including pandas, polar bears, lemur, buffalo and a snow leopard. The exhibition also includes birds like the bald eagle, peacock, dodo bird, hummingbird, goldfinch and more.

Each animal sculpture didn’t only involve thousands of bricks to build but it also required a lot of time and patience. The baby pandas, for example, took 405 hours and 53,460 bricks to complete. All in all, Kenney took more than 3 million bricks to build over 30 larger-than-life art sculptures.

This is such a cool idea and we love the lady bug sculpture! So, which one is your favorite?

Source: Instagram