15 Real Daily Struggles For People Who Are Left-Handed

All those right-handed and ambidextrous people may not have considered it but being left-handed can be a struggle. Think about it, virtually every product and appliance around is manufactured with right-handed people in mind. It is estimated that around 10% of the world’s population is left-handed so with figures like this, it’s time to take a stand. Take a look at some of the struggles many lefties endure on a daily basis and see why we need to be more considerate!


Swiping over the top of a debit machine isn’t that easy.


Lefties need to play guitar upside down more often than not.

Elbow bang when trying to write at a desk beside someone is a real issue!  


Smartphone operation is a little trickier for left-handed people.


Where are all the new mainstream inventions aimed at lefties? Nowhere, that’s where!


Often lefties need to buy their own baseball glove as their coach only has a store of regular right-handed ones.   


Scissors can be a real nuisance.


And what about those cup holders in cars?


Number pads can drive lefties insane!


Thankfully it is possible to buy lefty can openers!


Writing often means smudges… huge ones!


Ahh those pens in the bank!


The world needs more left-handed desks!


It’s near impossible to take lecture notes when using a ring binder and if someone opens one up, everyone stares when they hear that ‘pop’!


And finally, the only way to use a spiral notebook is upside down and then the line and holes are at the wrong side of the paper. Sigh.  

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