Animals Have Been Spotted Following Social Distancing Rules

Animals seem to understand the pandemic situation more than we do. Recently, people have been seeing animals doing social distancing and sharing the photos on social media. And if these pics still fail to encourage you to follow social distancing policies then we don’t know what else would.

Despite all the warnings, there are still those who underestimate the importance of quarantine and social distancing. Some people still attend mass gatherings and go to crowded places like it’s nothing.  Civil disobedience is indeed very infuriating as these unruly citizens are only making the situation worse. They might learn a thing or two from these animals. This might make them realize that these creatures are even more disciplined than them.


Animals Doing Social Distancing

animals doing social distancing cats on roof

Due to the fact that the COVID-19 spreads through human-to-human transmission, limiting the ways people come in close contact with each other is the best way to stop the pandemic. This is why many countries are implementing social distancing policies. This involves staying away from other people when possible or better yet stay at home in self-isolation. If going outside is necessary, it’s important to keep space between you and others. And try to avoid crowded places as much as possible. For essential trips such as buying groceries, you should stay at least 6 feet away from other people.


“CAT-Cial Distancing In Japan”

animals doing social distancing cats in line


“Even The Seagulls Get It”

seagulls feet apart


“Social Distancing By A Cat”

cat keeps space from people

Animals, on the other hand, are insusceptible to COVID-19 infection as there is no evidence to prove otherwise. But even if animal transmission is highly unlikely, animals seem to follow rules better than humans do. Animals doing social distancing appear to serve as a reminder to us. They’re as if telling us how important it is to follow rules in order to save lives.


“This Dog From Local News Is Practicing Social Distancing”

dog practicing distance policy


Even Cats Get It

cat patiently waits in line


“Even Dogs Respect And Understand Social Distancing”

animals doing social distancing dog waits in line

In addition to social distancing, make sure to wear a face mask and to bring a hand sanitizer whenever you need to go outside. Yes, quarantine and social distancing may feel like an inconvenience but these are the best ways to protect ourselves, family and friends from getting infected. Remember, everyone has a role to play in this battle against the deadly, invisible enemy. While hardworking front liners are risking their lives to fight the virus, the least we can do is stay at home and observe the rules. Learn from these animals on how to become a more responsible human being.


“Peacocks Know How To”

animals doing social distancing peacocks


“This Aussie Heard About Social Distancing, Cat Didn’t”

dog avoids close contact with cat


“Even The Moose Are Practicing Social Distancing”

animals doing social distancing moose


“My Friends Cats Have This Social Distancing Malarkey Figured Out”

cats feet apart


“Social Ducktancing”

animals doing social distancing ducks


Social Distancing Is The Key

cats during pandemic crisis


“Doing Our Part To Keep Apart”

dogs keep space apart


“These Dogs In Dumaguete Know What Social Distancing Means”

animals doing social distancing dogs in the shade


“Cats Practicing Social Distancing (Karachi, Pakistan)”

stray cats keep space from each other


Clever Cats

stray cats during pandemic crisis


“It’s Heartwarming To See Everyone Taking Social Distancing Seriously”

animals doing social distancing birds


“Bin Chickens Show Backpackers How It’s Done”

bin chickens feet apart


“Social Distancing During A Vulture Re-Union Event!”

animals doing social distancing vultures


“Even Dogs Understand”

animals doing social distancing dogs at night


“Horses Social Distancing Near Dover, Kent”

animals doing social distancing horses


Stay-At-Home Kitty


“Social Distancing With My Frenemy Tilly”