13 Images That Will Even Make The Fairly Young Feel Old And Nostalgic


Nostalgia is a strange feeling. It brings back happy or poignant memories of the past, whilst also reminding us of the too-fast passage of time. Once you reach an age where you can look back on old TV programs, pop songs, games and technology and feel as if it is a distant memory, then you are harshly reminded that your generation is no longer young! The clock is in fact relentlessly ticking towards old age! But don't get depressed about it, be happy that you were able to experience things that people born nowadays, most probably, won't! These images are sure to help inspire that feeling! Take a look!


Forgotten technology…


Back in the day, this was an innocent joke about two sock puppets. Today, it's a slight against physically disabled!


The original Facebook looked like this…


Who can totally relate to this?


These phones are old enough to be featured in a museum!


Remember floppy discs?



These albums are all 20 years old now!


Do you remember when you had to hit your TV to make the picture right?


Now relegated to museum status!


'Field of Dreams' debuted… wait for it… 26 years ago!


The epitome of early 00's television!

The generation gap on display using 'Lego'.


Yes, I feel old, how about you?

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