LEGO Is Making 13,500 Visors Per Day For Health Workers On The Frontline

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more and more groups are rising to the challenge of supporting the medical front-liners. People began to act when healthcare providers revealed that they were struggling for proper protective gear. After several weeks of suspended work, many companies have decided to resume their operations for the sake of helping the frazzled front-liners. Among these companies is LEGO, who recently announced that they’ve begun producing visors instead of their iconic toys in light of current events.

Medical professionals pleaded with the public to follow the quarantine guidelines implemented when the pandemic began to spread. According to them, staying home would help them as much as it would benefit us. Despite preventive measures, hospitals remain overwhelmed. As of writing, there are over 2 million COVID-19 cases worldwide. The situation’s definitely distressing, so we must all try to do our part to help one another.


LEGO is currently manufacturing visors for medical professionals

The toy company opened their factory in Billund, Germany to make the visors. Employees collaborated with Denmark’s healthcare representatives to design the visors. These visors will protect health workers’ eyes whenever they use it to interact or treat a patient with the virus. The visors consists of a wide, transparent cover. And it also features handles, so that its user can easily wear it or take it off.

“The team worked around the clock to create designs and make molds that can produce more than 13,000 visors a day. We are grateful to have such talented, dedicated, and caring colleagues,” the company wrote.

dedicated lego employees


The visors made by the iconic toy company have a simple yet functional design

visor handle


lego employee holds visor

The visors were designed to be easy to assemble, unlike the brand’s myriad of intricate sets. All the user has to do is to simply clip on the opaque handles onto the clear eye protector and they’ll be good to go! No other details have been provided thus far, however, we’re pretty sure these visors will last long.


100 employees are participating in this project

Six moulding machines in the Billund factory are currently being used to produce 13,500 visors a day. At the of their announcement, they shared that they had just gotten their first order of 50,000 visors. The company also went on to say that they’re hoping to make 58,000 visors within two weeks.

lego employees packing the visors


employee wears visor for healthcare heroes

Since the pandemic is a global issue, the toy brand is also planning to expand their visor-making operations to their other factories in other countries. But until then, the people at the Billund factory will continue working round the clock to create protective visors for healthcare providers fighting the pandemic. Aside from manufacturing visors, the company has also created two other initiatives geared towards extending support to children and families going through hard times during this unexpectedly difficult times. Their response to this situation is absolutely commendable!



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