Teach Kids About The Human Body With This Anatomy Apron

Let your kids learn about the human body without plodding through complicated textbooks or heading to a doctor’s office. You only need to wear this anatomy apron to make learning fun and easy. When it comes to learning, nothing is as effective as a learning tool that is interactive, colorful, and educational. This unique educational tool toy is designed to let your child quickly learn about human vital organs and have fun doing so.

This anatomy apron consists of a transparent garment and 10 removable plush stuffed organs. Internal organ models include the heart, lungs, esophagus, trachea, stomach, kidney, liver, small intestine, large intestine, and bladder. Printed on the transparent apron are 10 areas indicating the correct positions of each internal organ. The indication areas are inlaid with Velcro strips. So, your kids can place the organs into their designated locations by using the labels or the shapes as their guide. This allows them to learn the names, shapes, sizes, and location of the main body organs.


Anatomy Apron

anatomy apron transparent

It’s fun to teach your baby about external body parts like the nose, ears, eyes, and their little toes. But as they grow up and learn how to read and identify shapes, they’re going to need to know what’s inside their body. While textbooks and instructional videos could help, a child actually learns more effectively with a leaning tool that they can visually see and touch. Ideal for homeschooling and classroom setting, this anatomy apron will initially develop their hand-eye coordination, color cognition, and logical thinking.

anatomy apron


internal organs teaching aid


anatomy apron indication areas

As they try to match the plush organs to their designated areas on the transparent apron, you can take this opportunity to educate them about the names and the functions of each internal organ. Then teach them how the organs are connected to each other and how they work together to maintain a healthy body. At an early age, this knowledge helps them gain awareness about their health and develop healthy habits at all times.

anatomy apron teaching aid


colorful plush organs educational toy

The transparent apron is made of polyester while the plush organs are made of cotton. The wearable anatomy apron measures 24 inches high and 18 inches wide. Bigger kids can also wear it while they try to match the organs to the correct spots. The apron is also available in opaque black color. One happy buyer wrote:


“My 4-year-old is currently obsessed with the human body and as soon as I saw this, I knew I had to buy it. We are also currently homeschooling so it has been the perfect learning tool as well. My son loves it. He knows all of the names of the organs and enjoys sticking them back in their correct places.”

internal organs teaching aid black version


colorful plush organs educational toy black


anatomy apron learning tool

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