This Girl Explains The Difference Between ‘Kill’ And ‘No-Kill’ Animal Shelters And It’s Eye-Opening

Most of us love and care for our animal friends. However, not all of us can adopt one from a shelter when we decide that a new furry pet is a commitment that we want to make. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to help and support the shelters though. There are other ways to help not just with adoption so don’t worry if you are not ready yet. You can support shelters by volunteering or donating. Then there is the dilemma of what shelter to choose. Private shelters are the most popular choice because they are “no-kill” but this Twitter user has explained why this may not be the best way to help animals in need. Read on it will be an eye-opener for you.


This girl worked out the difference between animal shelters and it will show you how misunderstood they are

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She took to Twitter to explain it and to spread the word

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You can help rescue cats like this one

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People were grateful for the information on shelters. Seems like readers of the post have changed their minds about “kill” shelters.



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As a result of this post, we have had our opinion changed about shelters, have you?