16 Things You Might Be Surprised To Find Are Legal In The US


You might know your rights according to the constitution, but hardly anyone knows every single state and local law out there. That’s why you might be surprised to learn that these sixteen things are actually legal in the United States. However, before you go out and try any of these on your own time, we’d like to point out that many of these things are only legal in select states, so be sure to check the law in your area. We’re also not condoning most of these things, so think carefully before you do something stupid!

As long as you have rubber tires and appropriate mirrors, it’s perfectly legal to own a tank and to drive it on public roads. Badass.

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Want to text and drive? Fine! Just move to West Virginia.

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Salvia may be a powerful hallucinogenic drug, but it’s totally legal to smoke it!


In all but three states, it’s legal for women to walk around topless, should they so choose.


In South Carolina, you can legally fire a missile, as long as you first ask permission from the department of commerce. Okay…


Even though same sex marriage is legal throughout the United States, it’s (outrageously) still legal in 29 states to fire someone for being gay.

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In all but 10 states, you can legally own a flame thrower. 

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Although the legal drinking age is 21, in Massachusetts, it’s legal to give your children alcohol, as long as it’s in your own home.

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In all states, driving barefoot is legal. Just so you know…

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Not a good idea, but you can legally drink and drive in Mississippi. 

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In 11 states, it’s legal to marry your first cousin.

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There’s no law anywhere against counting cards. However, it’ll certainly get you kicked out of a casino! According to legalgamblingandthelaw.com

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Corporal punishment is legal in 19 states, meaning that your kids could be spanked by teachers for misbehaving at school, although it’s not generally practiced in public schools.

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Technically, the act of cannibalism is legal in the United States. That said, anyone caught eating human flesh would most likely be facing a murder charge.


In nine states it’s actually legal to keep a brown bear.


In Florida, you can shoot guns in your own backyard, just as long as the bullets aren’t going into the street or toward anyone else’s house.

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