26 People Share Creative Solutions They’ve Seen That Solve Everyday Problems

There are just some things in life that we don’t consider as problems until we’re presented with a solution. Perhaps they’ve become a part of our routines. Or maybe we’ve become accustomed to dealing with them. Either way, it’s still amazing how people from all over the world are coming up with creative solutions to problems that we didn’t even know existed. It goes to show that there’s always a simpler way to do things. Also just because you’re comfortable doing something, it doesn’t mean it’s convenient.

Who would have thought that we need a chair with a bag holder? Or a necktie that you can use to clean your phone screen or eyeglasses? There is even a biker jacket with signal and brake lights! At a glance, some of them may seem insignificant . Your initial response would probably be, “I don’t need that in my life.” But when you think of it, their impacts are impossible to ignore. That’s just a few of them. We have more ingenious ideas coming your way. We’re sure that each will have you saying, “That’s a good one.” Hopefully, these creative solutions will be available in more places, so that many people can experience them.


“This highlighter has a clear part to show you what you’re highlighting.”

Yellow Highlighter with a Clear View


“This store has a winter simulator for testing out winter clothing.”

Winter Simulator at an Apparel Store


“My local dentist has a ceiling ‘Where’s Wally?’ for patients during appointments.”

Where's Wally Ceiling Poster at a Dental Clinic


“This store lets customers choose whether they want to be bothered by the staff.”

Two Types of Shopping Baskets at an Innisfree Store

“My avocado has a color chart on the sticker, so you know when it’s ripe.”

Sticker that Indicates the Ripeness of an Avocado


“My local library has dozens of different cake pans to check out.”

Shelf of Cake Tins and Brownie Molds at a Library


Creative Solutions – The Rolling Bench

Rotating Bench
Yanko Design


“Rental car in Ireland has dashboard sticker that reflects in the windshield to remind you what side of the road to drive on.”

Reflective Dashboard Sticker that Indicates Which Side of the Road to Drive on


“This restaurant sells fries in paper cones – and the tables have diamond shaped holes that hold the cones.”

Red Table with a Hole to Hold Fries in Paper Cone


“This tie is made with a microfiber lining so you can clean your phone screen.”

Purple Necktie with a Microfiber Lining


Pet pooping station at the airport

Pet Relief Area at an Airport


“This vending machine gives your money back if your item does not drop.”

No Refunds Notice on a Vending Machine


“This toilet paper has a smaller roll inside that you can take on the go.”

Mini Tissue Roll Inside a Toilet Paper Roll


“My son’s homework has a barcode that when scanned takes him to an instructional YouTube video posted by his teacher related to the lesson.”

Math Homework Paper with a QR Code


“This bikers jacket has signal and brake lights.”

Man Wearing a Biker Jacket with Signal and Brake Lights


“Beijing commuters use recycling for subway fare payment.”

Man Inserting a Plastic Bottle to a Payment Terminal at Beijing Subway
Ocean Great Ideas


“This Japanese toilet has a privacy button which plays music so no one can hear you use the toilet.”

Japanese Toilet Control Panel


“This chair has a purse/bag holder.”

Green Shoulder Bag Hung on a Chair's Bag Holder


“This drinking fountain has a catch for dogs.”

Green Drinking Fountain with a Section for Dogs


“My daughter’s first grade classroom has desks with pedals so kids can move while learning.”

Girl Trying Out the Pedals of Her Blue Desk


“In Seoul, the gas pumps hang from the roof.”

Gas Pumps Hanging from the Roof of a Korean Gas Station


“This elevator has buttons you can press with your feet if your hands are full.”

Foot Buttons in an Elevator


“This bin that lets you vote for things with cigarette butts in Edinburgh.”

Cigarette Polling Station for Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake


“This car won’t let me listen to music unless I put my seatbelt on.”

Car Buckle Up Reminder to Unmute Audio


“This picnic table has seating for adults, a high chair and a kids table all in one.”

Blue Picnic Table with an Adults Section, Kids Section, and a Built-in High Chair


“My friend has an exit ramp for frogs to get out of his pool.”

Blue Exit Ramp for Frogs on Pool