40 Times People Had Nowhere To Hide After Being Called Out For Their Complete BS

The internet is full of lies and we can’t even fathom how many liars are around the worldwide web. But let us give you some instances of lying people being called out for their obvious lies. But why do people lie online? For one thing, a lot of people lie in real life. Now, try to remove the face-to-face interactions and let them communicate to other people online using a keyboard. Yes, the level and severity of lies increases to the highest degree. Some people think they can get away with false facts and made-up stories just to make them look good and smart on the internet. But blatant lies can’t fool anyone. If they’re unlucky, other people may come forward to expose their stupidity. And that could lead to a complete and utter embarrassment that can’t be undone.

If you are particularly amused with seeing lying people being called out and getting owned, the subreddit /r/quityourbullshit might be the best place for you. This page is dedicated on exposing and humiliating bare-faced liars who are spewing nonsense on social media. If you think the worldwide web is the safest place to spill your craps and lies then think again. You surely don’t want to end up like these people being called out on the internet for their BS. We’ve picked out the most ridiculous posts from the so-called internet liars and take a look at how their crappy posts got the best of them.


“Online Troll Gets Put In His Place By Arnold Schwarzenegger”


“Apparently, It’s Impossible For Women To Be Smart And Beautiful At The Same Time”


“IKEA Correcting A Concerned American Citizen On How To Properly Display The US Flag”


That Was Smart


“Came Across This While Looking For Reviews To A Local Tattoo Studio”


“Antivaxxer Claims To Be A Marine, Even Though You Need Vaccines To Enter The Marines”


Anti-Vaxxer Logic


Delivering The Twist Ending


Burden Of Proof


“User Explains Why We Don’t Use Pencils In Space”


“Quit Your Bullsh*t Peta, Going Against Steve Irwin”


“That Awkward Moment You Remember Some Of Your Followers Are Related To You”


“I Have Severe Trust Issues With Any “Pet Shaming” Picture These Days”


“My Antivaxx Aunt That No One Really Likes, Has Made An Interesting Post On Facebook. After I Responded She PMed Me This”


Got Her There


“An Anti-Vaxx Double Whammy!”


“If It Smells Like Bullsh*t, It Probably Is”


Caught Lying

Africa Is Pretty Diverse


“Girl Exposes BS Account Using Her Pictures To Sell Their Product”


“I Guess Heroic Hollywood Really Likes That Film”


“Vaccines Huh?”


“Bites The Onion And Lies About TV Segment That Never Happened”


“My Uncle From 1978” Not Quite”


“Person Caught Lying Got Served!”


“Instagram ‘Fact Pages’ Everyone”


“Please Stop Using It”


“That Anti-Vax Epidemiologist…”


“Keanu Reeves, Mega Genius”


“Not The Gospel Truth?”


“My Hometown Facebook Page Is A Goldmine”


“I Swear To God”


“Elderly Lady Complaining On Twitter Is Called Out”


“Don’t See Much Star Trek Content Here”


“The Mountain Calling Out An Instagram Fan Page On Their Bullsh*t”


“The Amount Of Times I Have Seen This Argument Is Astounding”


“Employee’s Girlfriend Told A Facebook Group Of 60,000 People To Send Bad Reviews To A Small Business”


That’s Jam


“She Must’ve Been An Early Adopter Of Technology”