Pringles Has Combined Sweet And Savory With Their New Chicken & Waffles Flavor

A couple years ago, a genius decided to pair chicken with waffles to create an interesting flavor combo. It has since become one of the world’s most loved food combinations. But sometimes, you just want something to nibble on when you’re bored or watching a show instead of digging into a full meal, right? Well now you can have the best of both worlds with the all new Pringles Chicken & Waffles flavor!

We all know that Pringles has never been one to shy away from creating strange flavors. But compared to the Pickle Rick flavor they released for the Superbowl weekend, the new Chicken & Waffles flavor is considerably tame. And twice as tasty! In addition to this new offering, the brand has also posted a teaser for a Chicken Sandwich flavor.

And it seems that Pringles is keeping the combo under wraps for now, as no announcement about it has been made on their social media pages. So maybe this limited edition flavor is on a test period. Brands usually conduct test periods for new items to see if it’s worth releasing on a wider scale. Hopefully this limited release of  the Chicken & Waffles flavor won’t be its last.


The new Pringles Chicken & Waffles flavor packs a full meal flavor in every chip

Several Instagram snack sleuths have already spotted the new Chicken & Waffles flavor. Which means that they’re already available for purchase. However, according to @carbconnoisseur, these tasty chips will only be available at Dollar General Store for a limited time only. Instagram sweet-tooth hunter @candyhunting has also posted about the limited edition chips, and people have been weighing in on it.


Those lucky enough to have a Dollar General nearby have attested that these Chicken & Waffles-flavored Pringles are in stock. And according to one sampler, the chips “taste just like chicken and do smell like syrup”. On the other hand, @carbconnoisseur wrote a more insightful verdict, saying that “there is a very faint smell of maple syrup, and they have a very dull chicken flavor to them”.

Despite these clashing reviews, it’s clear that Pringles has definitely captured that tasty sweet and savory flavor we all love from the combo. So if you happen to have access to Dollar General, then hurry over and get a tube or two! But hopefully we see this in more stores in the future.