Christmas Decorations That Can Turn a Hospital into a Joyful Wonderland

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Except for those who are confined in hospitals during this festive season. And the thought of missing out on Christmas can be distressful, especially for kids.

Bring the joyful Christmas spirit into the hospital by trying these amazing Christmas decorations. You’ll be amazed to know that anything used in the hospital can turn into marvelous spectacle for patients and medical staffs to enjoy.

  1. Latex Gloves

Inflated or not, medical gloves can still be reused to create an artistic Christmas tree.


2. Condoms

Well, why not? If latex gloves can be made into a Christmas tree, I see nothing wrong with using condoms as decorations too!


3.  Speculum Reindeer

Whoever came up with this idea is a complete genius! You can also play with innovative ideas such as adding lights and creative antlers. And don’t forget the red nose!


4.  Babies in Christmas Stockings

Give the parents the feeling of having their Christmas wishes granted by wrapping their babies with Santa stockings.


5.  Garlands


Decorate the walls and doors with garlands and come up with designs that incorporate hospital and Christmas, like the ECG-themed garland decorations above.


6.  Wreaths
Becky Roberts

Instead of Christmas balls and string lights, you can decorate the wreath with syringes, medical tweezers, surgical forceps, or empty medicine bottles.


7.  Urine Bottles


Or you can make a whole wreath made entirely of empty pee bottles.


8. Prescription Bottles

Put an exciting twist to your usual Christmas lights by using empty plastic bottles.


9.  Medicine Tree

Don’t discard those empty boxes of medicines just yet. Those can be made into a magnificent Christmas tree.


10.  Santa Claus

Christmas is not complete without Santa Claus. You can use latex gloves, cotton, empty plastic bottles, almost anything to come up with your own Santa Claus figure.