Women Confess What It’s Like To Be The Wife Of A Cop

Many people have the cop fantasy. The idea of being with a brave and strong man (or woman) in uniform has not decreased in popularity. However, whilst these qualities may exist in cops, the reality of being married to an officer isn’t always exiting. In fact, it can be extremely stressful and often rather lonely. We are in no way trying to put down cops, but here we have a list of ladies sharing what it’s like to be the wife of a cop. Take a look!
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This must be a heavy secret to hold. 

We would be fuming at this. This is a breach of trust, privacy and power! 

This is awful if it’s true. However, it’s easy to be paranoid when your partner is away a lot. 

We would hate this. No one wants to be scrutinized and ‘educated’ constantly! 

Dealing with such things can take a serious toll on a person. 

We know that there are good cops and bad cops. Presuming a cop is dirty is simply not right. 

No one should judge this lady. This sounds like a tough life to lead! Everyone struggles at times. 

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A common fear among people who have partners that risk their lives when they go to work. 

Why have people got to be so judgmental? We think it’s much better to have a cop as a friend than as an enemy!

Well done sir for saving a life! 

This is perfectly natural. We hope this mom got some support! 

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge! 

The fear never goes away. 

Some people have no shame!