12 Creative Root Cellars That Will Make You Want To Build Your Own


If you're not sure what a root cellar is, you're not alone, but don't worry, we'll explain. Before refrigeration, root cellars were pretty much the only way for people who grow vegetables to keep their bounty fresh, over the winter months. The name comes from the fact they were used to store root vegetables, but all kinds of produce can be kept inside. If we were to put it simply, they're a structure that is either completely, or partially, underground, which is basically an outdoor fridge or pantry for fruits and veggies. The construction of a root cellar can vary wildly, from a basic underground box, to a full on room-like structure. You might wonder why they're needed in this day and age, but if you've ever tended a substantial vegetable garden, you'll know it can produce way more than you'd fit in your fridge, and if you store them at room temperature you'll never get through it all before it rots! So, if you're interested in these awesome devices, we've got a little bit of root cellar inspiration here for you to enjoy! Check it out!















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