This Bubble Wrap Costume Is Perfect For Those That Love The Pop

Of course, we already knew that sooner or later, a bubble wrap costume would become a thing. Inspired by the American comedy film Dude, Where’s My Car, this jumpsuit includes a pair of pants and a jacket made of real bubble wrap. Yes, that transparent plastic with air-filled hemispheres used to pack fragile items. That very same plastic sheet that you love to pop now comes in a wearable form. So, you can show your addiction to the packing material and your quirkiness as well.

An ideal choice for a gag gift or as a Halloween costume, this suit is a foolproof head-turner that will make you the center of attention. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be. Everyone will be itching to pop those air-filled cushions all over your costume. Plus, the jacket comes with a hood so you’ll be popping from head to toe throughout the party.


Bubble Wrap Costume

bubble wrap suit

This suit features a hook-and-loop closure on the jacket and an elastic waistband on the pants. Overall, it can provide you with some protection from rain. So, it’s actually more practical than you think. Whether you wear it as a funny costume or as a unique raincoat, it will surely give you that hilarious grand entrance wherever you go. It comes in one-size that fits most adults and teens.

bubble wrap suit costume


bubble wrap suit raincoat

If you’re a huge fan of the 2000 comedy hit then this is the best cosplay costume that you can get your hands on. Besides, this is the most obvious way to express your allegiance to Zoltan. You can also give your best buddy this suit and entertain your guests by giving them a popping sumo wrestling spectacle. One happy buyer wrote:

“I bought this as a surprise for my sister who falls down at every opportunity. I thought she would appreciate having a bit of a cushion. She did and she laughed… that was my point… and it worked!”

bubble wrap suit funny costume


jacket and trousers popping material

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