6 Things You Should Never Ever Do First Thing In The Morning


If you struggle with mornings, you're definitely not alone. Many of us find it extremely difficult to gather the energy and enthusiasm required to get out of our beds, and feel happy and positive about the coming day. People who love mornings are surely an urban legend, right? Or, maybe they just know the secrets of getting a good start to the day. If you're someone who struggles with the early mornings, try sticking to these six easy and logical rules! Take a look and make a positive change today!


Brush your teeth straight after breakfast – Brush them when you first wake up instead. Brushing straight after you eat causes enamel to weaken more considerably than it otherwise would!




Load up on carbs for breakfast – Cereal is an easy breakfast option, but you're likely to crave junk food later in the day. Instead, eat a meal with plenty of protein, like eggs, meat or Greek yogurt. It will better sustain you.



Press snooze – That extra five minutes isn't saving you, it's hindering you! That's because if you drift back off to sleep, even for a very short time, you are beginning another sleep cycle that you can't go on to finish. This means you will be groggier and slower than if you had just jumped out of bed when the alarm first went off!



Leave your workout for 'later' – You are far more likely to get your workout done if you get it over with in the morning. Plus, you will likely sleep much better!



Check your emails and messages the second you wake up – This puts you under stress straight away as you start your day, which isn't good for your body or mind. You are also more likely to make mistakes when responding!



Have a hot shower – The hotter your shower is, the less it is helping to kick-start you into the day. A cooler shower promotes deeper breathing and an increased heart rate, which in turn gives you more energy for the day ahead.


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