This Inflatable Hazmat Suit Will Definitely Turn Heads At A Costume Party

October 31st is upon us so we better get ready for all things spooky. But is there anything scarier than the horror of the global pandemic that had terrorized us for a couple of years now? So instead of spreading horror this Halloween, why not spread happiness and laughter by wearing this inflatable Hazmat suit as a Halloween costume? While we’re still in the midst of our battle against our invisible enemy, we can find a way to escape this current hell by laughing in Covid-19’s face.

Inspired by the personal protective equipment (PPE) garments that are now commonplace in the healthcare workforce as protection from Covid-19 virus, this inflatable Hazmat suit amusingly reflects the current situation we’re in. It features the recognizable whole-body garment that completely covers the wearer from head to toe. But note that this piece of clothing is designed as a funny costume. Hence, it should not be used as a protective gear alternative.

Inflatable Hazmat Suit

inflatable hazmat suit funny costume

Real PPEs consist of multiple layers of barriers made from premium fabric which make them look so bulky. This inflatable Hazmat suit is made with a single layer of polyester fabric. To emulate the bulky look, this costume is equipped with an internal fan on the backside that keeps it inflated. The little fan can be powered by 4AA batteries or with any USB power bank.

ppe halloween costume green


airblown ppe halloween costume adult size


airblown ppe halloween costume


inflatable hazmat suit green

To get into the suit, put on the pants first then pull it all the way up. Flip the helmet part over your head and zip up. The head cover has a clear plastic window large enough to give you unobstructed view of what’s in front of you. And to let other people see the face inside that funny costume. Switch the fan on and watch yourself transform into Among Us character. Not just for Halloween, you can wear this hilarious costume anytime and walk on the streets to bring smiles to those around you.

inflatable hazmat suit halloween costume


airblown ppe funny costume


inflatable hazmat suit green adult size


inflatable hazmat suit orange


airblown ppe funny costume yellow

This inflatable Hazmat suit is available in 3 colors – green, orange, and yellow. It is available in adult and kid size: adult size fits 5’0” to 6’2” while the kid size fits 3’6” to 4’8”. And just because this is an inflatable item doesn’t mean you can swim in it. That is obviously a terrible idea to try. One happy buyer wrote:

“My son loved the costume, it’s made of good material and looked just like the picture! He’s a big boy so I ordered him an adult, it fit just fine with wiggle room!”

inflatable hazmat suit yellow


inflatable hazmat suit yellow back


inflatable hazmat suit orange kid size


airblown ppe funny costume orange


airblown ppe halloween costume orange


Watch this hilarious PPE costume in action on the video below

Source: Glowy Zoey