People Share Their Last Minute Wedding Doubts

For many people, getting married is an exiting prospect filled with happiness. However, the planning and time leading up to the ceremony can come with many stresses. All sorts of things and pressures can arise as a wedding approaches that can lead you to start to question things. Here we have some images where people share their last minute wedding doubts. For these people, marital bliss was not necessarily on the horizon. Take a look!
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People Share Their Last Minute Wedding Doubts

It sounds like there’s a lot of distance between this couple… 

The suggestion of breaking up is a huge red flag.  

This couple simply need to communicate better. This person could be worrying about nothing! 

If a relationship is already broken, marriage won’t fix anything. 

Sometimes it’s not the partner that people doubt…

This is very risky territory. If this person has feelings for anyone other than their fiance they should end things! 

No one should be forced to live a life that they never wanted. 

Hmm. This sounds a bit strange. 

Watching other people’s relationships break down often makes people question their own situations. 

Feeling confused when it comes to someone you love is horrible. 

This person has a lot to figure out. 

Tough situations are a real test for the strength of a relationship. 

Sometimes there aren’t any huge issues, people just aren’t compatible. 

This sounds like abuse to us.