Beautiful Steps That You’ll Want To Spend More Time Looking At Than Climbing

Climbing steps is one of those day to day activities that most of us don’t even consider. At best, it’s an experience that will leave you feeling fairly indifferent, at worst it’s an uphill struggle. Literally. However, if you lived near any of these beautifully decorated outdoor stairs, then you’d probably feel differently about it.


These stunning pieces of street art brighten up the neighborhoods in which they reside and probably brighten a lot of climbers’ days, as well. Many of these pieces are only really fully appreciated from the bottom, looking up to the top, at which point you see a wonderful image appear. Others are simply patterned, but still bring some joy and life to their areas. It’s important to think about all the effort that went into these gorgeous works of art, all in the name of turning simple stairs into something so much more. 

Koi carp are swimming on these stairs in Seoul, South Korea.

Colorful tiles adorn these stairs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The portrait of a neighborhood woman has been painted onto these stairs in Rio de Janeiro as part of the Women are Heroes project.

Dali steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The figure of a nun adorns these steps in Morlaix, France.

Simple but cheerful colored steps in Istanbul, Turkey.

Some more colorful stairs, this time in Beirut, Lebanon.

Bright geometric patterns liven up these steps, again in Beirut.

Temporary origami stair art in Angers, France.

The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps in San Francisco were completed by roughly 300 volunteers.

Check out these cute hidden steps in Wuppertal, Germany.

Stunning landscapes adorn these stairs in Valparaiso, Chile.

Some more awesome steps in Valparaiso, this time an ode to music.

Roses bloom on the side of these steps in Tehran.

The Stairs of Peace in Syria were decorated by a community project to promote, well, peace.

Real flowers form the shape of larger flowers on these beautiful steps in Sicily.

This gorgeous lady in a kimono sits on these steps which lead to a musical theater in Seoul.

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