Trolls World Tour Oreo Cookies Have Hit Stores And They Have Pink Glittery Creme

What is the most fantastic Oreo that you’ve ever had? This question may leave you stuck because Oreo’s really made it hard to choose a favorite with all the delicious treats they’ve been creating lately. But the new Trolls Oreo may just replace the last flavor you loved the most, because it’s honestly the most magical version of the iconic cookie that we’ve seen so far!

The brand dropped hints about this enchanting new collaboration via Instagram on February 18th. Obviously, this announcement was music to the ears of Dreamworks’ Trolls fans and cookie monsters everywhere. And to say that the brief wait was excruciating would be a total understatement. But the good news is that as of February 28th, the enchanted new Oreo cookies have started to show up on some shelves!


The Trolls Oreo won’t be hard to miss

One of snack-dedicated Instagrammer @markie_devo’s followers shared their discovery of the Oreos when they spotted them in their local retailer. And seeing as posts about the cookie remains scarce, it’s safe to say that Oreo is in no rush to release them. In fact, aside from their initial tease, the brand has kept quiet about the collaboration since! But at least we now know what to expect once these tasty treats finally hit local shelves.

Oreo’s definitely outdone themselves this time. The pack looks completely unrecognizable in a fantastic way! Even the logo, which is usually unchanged, has been dressed up with the signature Trolls typeface! And the surprises don’t end there. When you rip open the packaging, you’ll find a trove of golden cookies with “pink colored creme with glitter”. No official word on the creme’s flavor yet.

But we wouldn’t mind a pink, sparkly version of the classic creme. These Oreo cookies will hit shelves sometime this March, so keep an eye out for them! Obviously, it’s a must-have snack for when you and your friends hit the local theater to watch the new Trolls movie.