This Awesome Churro Maker Lets You Make Your Favorite Snack In Just Minutes

Deep-fried churros are one of our favorites but these fried pastries aren’t exactly the healthiest snack.  The good news is, we’ve found an amazing churro maker that can make healthy and delicious churros. Traditionally, churros are made by piping strips of dough into hot oil and frying them until golden brown. Deep-frying the dough will make the churros crispy on the outside while soft and tender on the inside. However, the use of too much oil may not appeal to some health-conscious people. If you’re really craving for tasty churros but would want to avoid the guilt then you should get this Churro Maker by Starblue. This contraption makes churros without using cooking oil to give you a healthier alternative for your favorite snacks.

starblue churro maker no fry cooking

All it needs is electricity to cook the churros perfectly. And in just a few minutes, your yummy churros will be ready. No need to fry and use unhealthy oils. Hence, you can eat as much churros as you want without the additional calories and fats. Plus, this smart churro maker is so easy to use. Just plug it in and allow the churro maker to preheat while you prepare the batter. There’s no need to grease the churro maker plate. Simply pipe four dough strips into the plate and close the lid to allow the batter to cook. Additionally, this awesome product will leave no room for overcooked or under-cooked churros. It features an automatic temperature control system that regulates the heat to ensure perfectly cooked churros with the right flavor and texture.

starblue churro maker no oil needed


starblue churro maker


starblue churro maker delicious snacks

Furthermore, it has a power light that lets you know when the churros are ready. But that’s not all. It has a heat suppressing handle that directs higher temperature towards the plate, thus keeping the handle cool to allow safer handling. Its non-stick coating plate allows you to take out the churros without leaving any messy residues. All it needs is a few wash and wipes to clean the plate. It also features a slim and compact design making it easy to carry around anywhere.

starblue churro maker slim compact design



starblue churro maker crispy pastries

Get the Starblue Churro Maker here and enjoy healthier, oil-free churros in the quickest and easiest way possible. It also comes with a free recipe e-booklet that will be sent to your email once the order is shipped. Just make sure that you have an existing Amazon email address to receive the file. The recipe e-book will teach you how to cook other snacks, aside from churros, using the product. And don’t take our words for it. The item is marked with an Amazon’s Choice label and has a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating to speak for itself. You can get one for yourself and another one to give as a gift for your foodie buddy. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This Churro maker is sooo easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in. Let it heat up while you put the batter together. It came with an e-book recipe which is awesome cause I’ve never made Churro before so it was great. Churro came out perfect. Soft inside and crispy on the outside.”

starblue churro maker with free recipe ebook


starblue churro maker box

Get yours here.