Dairy Queen Have Released A New Churro Dipped Cone With Cinnamon Sugar

Did you know that you can pair churros with a lot of other things aside from its classic chocolate partner? Cinnabon, for example, topped their Chillatta with a churro and came up with the iconic Frozen Churro Chillatta (it’s a drink and snack in one!). But if you’re not a fan of over-the-top churro-themed treats, Dairy Queen’s got a more simplified offering in the form of their Churro Dipped Cone. This serves as another sweet reminder as to why the company is regarded as royalty in the frozen treats’ realm!

The new Dipped Cone appears to be Dairy Queen’s flavor for the sunny season. And it’s so fresh that Dairy Queen itself hasn’t had the time to properly introduce this delightful new addition to their summer menu. But Instagram snack news announcer @theimpulsivebuy was lucky to break the news about it, thanks to Kaitlyn W.’s submission. According to the post, Kaitlyn W. spotted the Churro Dipped Cone at a Dairy Queen location in central Pennsylvania.




Dairy Queen combines two all-time favorites with the Churro Dipped Cone

Kaitlyn W. was keen to give the Churro Dipped Cone a try upon spotting it. She noted that “the cinnamon sugar on top of the ‘dip’ part was a nice touch”. However, she said that she “didn’t detect much of any inherent flavor in the dip itself”. Additionally, in comparison with Dairy Queen’s classic Chocolate Dipped Cone, the new flavor has a lighter color, and is definitely worth a try.



Intrigued by the churro mystery, @therealdarrenstevens set out with a mission to track down the cone in his area. Eventually, his found what he was searching for. Darren Stevens didn’t talk about how the Churro Dipped Cone tastes. But judging from his photos, we can tell he loved it. The ‘mystic’ cone comprises of Dairy Queen’s classic vanilla soft-serve, coated with a layer of churro-flavored dip.

A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar tops the cone. He also speculated that we might be seeing this cone out in all locations before National Churro Day (June 6th). We’re certainly hoping that that’s the case!