12 Funny Pie Charts To Give You A Small Slice Of Humor


Pie charts are usually used to present serious facts and information, but there’s no reason that they can’t be used for humor, too. The folks over at Bored Panda have created a number of amusing pie charts that will give you the giggles. They’ve not quite as good as real pie, but they’re better than your average pie chart! Covering everything from the content of Pitbull’s songs to uses for Google, these are both funny and surprisingly relevant! So, check out these twelve funny pie charts that will give you a small slice of humor.



Gee, thanks, James…


This is disturbingly accurate.


But mooooooom!


When Netflix has so many options you get paralyzed by indecision.


Oh, hey…. buddy… how you doing?


You just can’t win with women’s magazines!


When deciding whether to procreate… it’s all about the Lego.


It’s never not awkward!


The many uses of Google!


Why are the people who friend request you on Facebook always the people you spent years of your life trying to avoid?


Guys…. that’s really not how it works. Really.



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