Spend the Night in a Luxury Glass Igloo Looking Up at the Northern Lights

When you hear of igloos, usually you think of Eskimos. But these Arctic Fox glass igloos are on another level of luxury. These igloos are located in Lake Ranuanjärvi, deep in the Finnish snowy woodlands. What attracts most people at first glance is the glass dome structure.

The igloos have a few different areas; a bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom with a toilet and a sauna facility. The bedroom is the only room that is uncovered so you do get some privacy while going to the bathroom.

Arctic Fox Glass Igloos, Finland

glass igloos
Glass igloo floor plan

arctic fox igloos floor plan

It is also necessary to note that the glass walls are designed to act as insulation to keep you warm so, no matter how cold it is outside, you will remain warm inside. Frost and snow will not linger on the surface of the glass. The kitchenette and bath are covered in a timber box for privacy. This is a new invention that you probably haven’t seen before and it makes vacationing even more interesting. Regular hikers, campers, and mountain climbers will love it.

Igloo view by day

arctic fox igloos view
You can settle in the igloo after exploring the woodland with huskies and snowmobiles. By virtue of the location, there is a lake nearby so you could enjoy some canoeing around your temporary home. If you are not down with water activities, you could take a cycling tour instead. While it is not guaranteed, you could bump into some polar bears, foxes, or bears. After a busy day, take a load off and stare up at the beautiful northern lights.

Igloo view at night

glass-igloos northern lights

Source: ArcticFoxIgloos