Plumber’s Invoice For Fixing 91-Year-Old Grandma’s Boiler Has Gone Viral

A few days ago, a plumber’s invoice for his 91-year old client went viral and gained worldwide recognition. This happened after the woman’s daughter shared the the incredible invoice. Christine Anne Rowlands posted the photo of James Anderson’s invoice on Facebook, and the rest is history.

On the post, she wrote that there was a leak on her mother’s boiler and it needs to be fixed right away. Her sister managed to contact Anderson, who dropped by right away to fix the issue. Plumbing work can get expensive. After he finished the job, Rowlands asked how much the fee was. But Anderson didn’t give her a quote right away. Instead, he promised to email the invoice before leaving. The invoice sure surprised Rowlands, in the best way. The plumber had waived the £480 fee!

Facebook Post About Plumber Invoice


Plumber Invoice For 91 Year Old Client


The 91 Year Old Recipient of the Plumber's Goodwill


The Boiler That The Plumber Had To Fix

In the invoice, the plumber noted to his client, who has acute leukemia and is receiving end-of-life care, will not be charged under any circumstances. He also went to promise that they will be available for 24 hours to help keep her comfortable as much as possible. If that doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will!

This plumber doesn’t just fix plumbing, but lives.

James Anderson The PlumberAt 52 years old, James Anderson has made it his personal mission to provide free plumbing services to seniors and disabled persons left alone in the cold.  Anderson works on volunteer basis, and takes no wages. Moreover, he owns a non-profit plumbing company called Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair or DEPHER CIC. His company’s mission is to provide free plumbing services for seniors and disabled individuals so that they don’t have to silently suffer in the cold.  The non-profit company based in Burnley, Lancashire supports its efforts through crowdfunding and regular paid plumbing jobs. Since its founding, the company has helped over 2,000 people.

Another Recipient of Andersons Plumbing Generosity



Elderly Recipient of Waived Plumbing Invoice

Anderson said that his company helps keep clients from accruing debt over necessary repairs, and that he hopes to continue doing his work “until the day God calls me”. One kind word, one kind gesture can change another person’s life.

Silent gesture, loud appreciation.

God Will Bless You Abundantly


Love This Story


confirms my belief that most people in the world are good and kind


So Sweet


great guy beautiful heart


restores my faith in humanity


great to see a good heartlovely human being

I feel flushed

James Anderson’s touching and utterly selfless initiative is proof that not all heroes wear capes or have exorbitant amounts of money. We can be angels or heroes to anyone else, if we just take the time to care and be kind. We salute you, James Anderson!
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