Snake Pics Are Getting A Doodle Makeover And The Results Are Beyond Funny

Are you someone who can’t stand the sight of snakes? Maybe these funny snake pics featuring hilarious doodles will change your outlook. Among all the members of the animal kingdom, snakes undeniably have the worst reputation of them all. These carnivorous reptiles are often depicted as the vilest creatures to ever crawl the earth. Well, not all of us are afraid of snakes. In fact, some people even take these slithering serpents as pets. But before you consider getting one as a pet, let us inform you that NOT all snake species can make good pets. There are over 3,000 snake species in the world and about 600 of these species are venomous. Since venomous snakes can produce poisonous venom which can be deadly, we highly recommend avoiding these species for your own sake.

However, there are non-venomous snakes that are not as deadly as the venomous ones. Although these snake species can’t produce venom, that doesn’t mean they’re not entirely dangerous. Ball pythons, corn snakes, rosy boas, and California kingsnakes are some of the most popular snake pets due to their non-venomous attribute. But take note that these snakes can still bite their owners with their fangs and could inflict deadly wounds or infections. Besides, snakes do not feel any affection or familiarity towards humans as dogs and cats would. And serpents can become aggressive when they come in contact in humans.

But if you don’t mind the danger and the risks of having a snake for a pet then we won’t push it anymore. Go ahead and bring home a scaly snake (preferably a non-poisonous one) to take good care of. And to convince us that snakes are cute creatures, these people went to doodle on some snake pics. As much as we hate to admit it, these funny snake pics with their doodle arms and legs are indeed absolutely amusing. Whoever started this trend probably wanted to show the cute side of serpents, and he succeeded at that. Now more and more people are making their own funny snake pics doodles that are hilariously adorable. We’ve picked out the funniest snake doodles to make you laugh and probably fall in love with these legless reptiles. Get ready to laugh your hearts out at the funny snake pics.


“Tell Me More”

funny snakes pics doodle tell me more

Hey, Gurl

“I Need My Morning Coffee”

funny snakes pics doodle morning coffee

Jazz Snake

funny snakes pics doodle jazz

“Who Ate My Sandwich Again?”

funny snakes pics doodle angry

“Oh Stop It You…”

“The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music!”

Shy Snake

Not Sure

“So You Didn’t Wash Your Dishes After All”

“My Oldest Grandslither, Santiago, With Snarms”

“Valerie!! Whyyy??”

Excited Snake

“Come At Me Bro”

funny snakes pics doodle muscular

“Oh Snoot, She’s Got A Knife! Run!”

“Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?”

funny snake pics doodle arms

Snake The Drummer

funny snake pics doodle drummer

Fist Bump

funny snake pics doodle fist bump


“Yeah Scr*w You Too, Frank.”

funny snake pics doodle nasty tongue


“What Ya Lookin At?”

“Feed Me!”

Lil Snek Dab

“Let Me Take A Quick Shower”

Harry Snekker

funny snake pics doodle harry snekker

“Yup, It’s Grass”

funny snake pics doodle grass

“Hmm, Quite”

funny snake pics doodle fancy

“I’m Not Talking To You”

“You Want To Fight?”

funny snake pics doodle fighter