14 Reasons A Crush As An Adult Is Way Better Than A Crush In High School


For most of us, crushes are things that we'll experience all throughout our lives. Some of them are fleeting and innocent, whereas others make you feel like you absolutely must end up with the person you're crushing on. But, when you compare the crushes that you have as an adult to the crushes that you had in high school, the former are way better. When you're older, you're just far more equipped to deal with all your feels, although a serious crush can still make you do the wacky. Check out these fourteen reasons why a crush as an adult is way better than a crush in high school.


When you're older, you know that you don't have to invent some obscure reason to simply start a conversation with your crush.

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And you're not afraid to be upfront and tell them what you need from a relationship.

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You've got a little bit more used to that rush you get when your crush touches you.

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You've got so much more going on in your life when you're an adult, so you don't have time to obsess. That much.

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You can say what you mean.

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As an adult, you're better equipped to deal with rejection, and you know that if your crush doesn't call, life will go on.



Once you're done with high school, it's far less likely that your crush will end up dating your best friend.

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You know how to spot and brush off bad lines.

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But you have a few of your own for emergencies.

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You've learned that there are a lot of idiots out there, and you've gotten better at spotting them.

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And you've learned that most people really do not peak in high school.

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When you're an adult, your crush probably knows who you are, and if not you realize you can just introduce yourself.

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You have your own place, so inviting your crush over is no big deal.

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And, if things don't work out, you just get back on with your awesome single life.


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