14 People Show You The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Trust Everything You See Online

It’s easy to scroll through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, finding yourself feeling envious of others. People love to post their luxurious holidays and purchases on social media. However, many people are pretty dishonest when it comes to how they portray their lifestyles! A few simple camera tricks and a good use of perspective can work wonders. Here we have some proof that you shouldn’t trust everything you see on social media!

Sometimes what looks like skill is just simple trickery!

Isn’t it crazy that some people actually pretend to attend concerts?!

Faking that you have a certain car is far too easy these days!

A true iPhone case!

Miniature items are displayed as large luxuries.

Perspective can change everything!

If you’re desperate to pretend you have a certain car, here could be your solution…

Getting ready for a wild night…

A truly memorable experience!

People are getting increasingly creative when it comes to pretending they have a partner!

Loving my sea views! This holiday is a dream come true!

You could be the proud new owner of one of these selfie arms for just $6,200. Yes, you read that right!

Loving my new kicks!

What a stunning beach! The sand and water look just divine.