Tesco Has Launched A Spooky ‘Cursed’ Blackberry Gin For Halloween

TESCO is giving us something to look forward other than candy this Halloween. This year, our favorite grocery retailer is helping us amp up our concoction game by releasing a cursed blackberry gin. Make your Halloween bar spookier with these cursed spirits!

A spooky story comes together with this “cursed” gin. Legend says that the devil himself cursed the bramble bush in fit of rage after landing on its prickly thorns. Since that day, nobody dares eat the fruit of the bramble bush after September 29. And that’s exactly the curse that Wildcat Gin wants to break. The daring company is inviting brave souls to try their new cursed spirit, which comes in a range of different mixers. Kenny Nicolson, Wildcat’s branch manager said:

“What better way to break an ancient curse than to drink a delicious in cocktail? Wildcat Bramble is the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore a different side of gin.”


Avoid falling victim to the monotonous cocktail spell with this cursed blackberry gin.

spooky cursed blackberry gin

If Kenny’s spiel didn’t convince you to break the curse, then maybe the gin can. The Wildcat Bramble Blackberry Gin looks like something you’d see at a voodoo house. The bottle packaging, the design of the label, and the violet gin that it contains can honestly double as Halloween decor! According to TESCO, the fruity gin is can be blended perfectly with a cocktail, with tonic, or even some prosecco.

bottles of cursed blackberry gin

No matter what you choose to do, you’ll still get the delicious burst of berries! This gin has 26.3 alcohol units and contains 37.5% alcohol by volume. This cursed bramble blackberry gin retails for £ 26.00 or £37.15/litre at TESCO.

Oh and don’t forget to share photos of yourselves with the Wildcat Bramble Gin with the hashtag #WildcatBramble! You can win an exclusive, limited edition Bramble Box that contains goodies like gin, mixers, and an exclusive glass to drink your prizes from.

Beefeaters Gin is also offering a blackberry-infused gin and it looks like it’s got magical properties

cursed blackberry gin beefeater

Wildcat Gin isn’t the only brand infusing their spirits with the cursed bramble berries though. Beefeater Gin has also released a bright purple gin which promises to taste as delightful as it looks with its hints of juniper and citrus that promises a long, rich finish.

What’s more is that the Beefecter Gin is “based on James Burrough’s original 19th century recipe” where “botanicals in Beefeater gin are steeped for 24 hours prior to distillation”. Don’t miss your chance to imbibe The Spirit of London’s cursed blackberry gin! You can get the blackberry-flavored Beefeater gin at TESCO for £ 16.50 or £23.58/litre.

Oh, we’re definitely going to have a cauldron full of the stuff at our Halloween party!