25 People Share Hilarious Times They Spotted A ‘Pixel Cat’ In Real Life

No one can resist the cuteness of cats. Whether they’re depicted as tattoo artists or as RPG characters, they seem to never lose their charms whatever the case may be. Heck, even pixel cats are so adorable. Youngsters who were born in the vector graphics age probably aren’t familiar with pixel-based graphics. But for us who had the pleasure to experience Windows 95 absolutely know how a pixelated virtual world looked like. Although considered an obsolete graphics format, pixel art still finds a way for a comeback and make a trend. Minecraft aside, one of main reasons for pixel art revival is the pixel cats. There’s something about these pixel-based digitally-drawn images of cats that people find so fascinating.

But what if you encounter pixelated cats in real life? Did you ever imagine how cats would look like if they consist of dots or squares? These people were able to spot real life pixel cats by seeing their cats through a pristal glass pane. Imgur user besyattupieniki started sharing photos of real life pixelated cats and as expected, people loved them. In such a short time, the photos quickly went viral as the post continues to earn more views and upvotes. And that’s how the trend started. Not long after, photos of real life pixelated cats started to sprout up on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

“I think that people love these cats because they’re both funny and cute. And most importantly they are cats, one of the biggest obsessions of the internet,” Imgur user besyattupieniki explained the reason for the popularity of pixel cats.

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you our list of the funniest and most fascinating real life pixel cats. Welcome to the world of Minecraft: Feline Edition.








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