Different Hilarious Ways Dates Ended

Not everybody’s first dates are perfect. Sometimes it takes a second date to realize whether or not you want to continue dating the same person again. Unfortunately, some first dates are weirder or creepier than most. Some people have experienced these horrific dates and decided to share it on Twitter. After reading these unfortunate dates, do you think they’ll be able to stand going on date number 2?


Should I also feel bad for him?

Grandma has a thing for younger men.

It’s a sign of an awesome friendship.

People shouldn’t just leave like that during dates.

Seems like the girl was just really hungry and saw an opportunity to eat free food.

That’s one creepy dude.

What a happy & garlicky ending!

When dad wants to discipline his daughter, but is too sleepy to do so.

Tip: Eat a lot of garlic if you don’t want to be kissed.

I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

All of us should remember that.

Well, isn’t he uptight!

That’s just gross.

Great thinking. Everybody loves surprises.

Great, he’s one of those…

I don’t think there will be a second date after that.

He’s keeping his options open.

Look on the bright side, maybe you get a discount on your meals.

Better do your research on fancy wines first than impulsively buying one.

That’s a date I would never want to be into.

Good thing you knew it was a different guy.