How Men Really Feel About Buying Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is a huge deal. Generally you want to choose something that shows you know exactly what your partner likes and that you love them dearly. However, things aren’t always this straight forward and many people struggle with the pressure and stress that can come with purchasing a ring. It’s really interesting to hear some differing opinions on the subject. Here we have some firsthand thoughts and feelings on how men really feel about buying engagement rings. Take a look below to get an insight!
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Blood Diamond

Is it just us or does this guy sound strange? Why would you want your partner to feel like that?

Let Down

It’s absolutely awful when you’re ready to take the next step but your partner doesn’t feel the same. 


Personally we don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer here. It’s totally down to the guy to decide and judge how his partner would feel. 

Freaking Out

There’s a whole array of emotions that come with getting ready to propose! 

Chickened Out

Oh no! Let’s hope he spilled the beans and didn’t have to get another one! 

Feeling Bad

For some people the gesture is way more important than the ring itself. Don’t beat yourself up! 


This is so tricky! However, if the girlfriend has said specifically her negative opinions on diamonds, she can’t be annoyed at not receiving one. 

Money Troubles

It sucks when you want to take your relationship to the next level but aren’t able to purchase an engagement ring that you feel your partner deserves. 


This is why you shouldn’t make presumptions. 

I Want To Leave Her

Unfortunately couples don’t always agree. 

She Doesn’t Know What’s Coming

How lovely. She is going to be both relieved and ecstatic! 


What a lovely surprise! 

Fake Ring

Getting a ring valued after being proposed to does seem strange, however, if she was led to believe she got a real one, she’s bound to be annoyed. 

Too Much Pressure

No one likes feeling pressured. It takes away from the positives of wanting to propose to someone.