40 Hilarious Times People Mispronounced Words With Similar-Sounding Words

Ah, the complexity of the English language. Homophones, or similar-sounding words with different meanings, are common in the English language. This explains why many people are mispronouncing words as they tend to use incorrect word that sounds like the correct word. Well, they say to err is human. And even native English speakers also jumble the words sometimes. But we can’t help ourselves from laughing when we see other people committing malapropism that are outrageously funny.

People often spill their opinions and thoughts to social media. But sometimes, they end up mispronouncing words leading to an uproar of hilarious comments. You probably have encountered some nonsensical, sometime humorous posts on the internet due to malapropism. We’ve read someone struggling to learn ‘porch of geese’ instead of ‘Portuguese’. And we’ve heard someone admired a ‘steak of the art’ facility instead of ‘state of the art’ facility. There are lots of funny posts mispronouncing words on social media that will surely crack you up. In fact, a subreddit was created to collect all sorts of malapropisms taken from various social media platforms. The subreddit Bone Apple Tea, which sounds like ‘bon appetit’, is dedicated to hilarious malapropisms shared by other Redittors.

“English is one of the weirdest languages in human history and our sub more than proves it!” the moderator of the page says . “If native English speakers can have so many problems finding the correct word, imagine how hard it is for everyone else! It’s also quite hilarious to see all of the inventive ways people use phonics to spell words they aren’t familiar with.”

True enough, you’ll be surprised to find out how one ridiculous mistake can entirely change the meaning of one’s thoughts. We’ve picked out the funniest posts from the subreddit page to show you that the comedic potential of malapropism knows no limit.











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