Costa Have Released Their Spring Menu And There’s Pink Hot Chocolate

Although this year’s color is officially classic blue, Costa’s welcoming the new decade with a pink hot chocolate drink. We’re only a couple days in but this dreamy drink’s already taking over as the favorite with the chain’s patrons. It’s so pretty that it actually looks like something a princess should drink!

Costa used Ruby Cocoa beans to achieve the eye-catching hue of their mouthwatering drink. Ruby cocoa beans, which rocked the culinary world some time ago, are naturally pink. Compared to regular cocoa beans that emit a strong bittersweet taste, you’ll be getting fruitier notes from the ruby cocoa beans. The pink-hued sip is part of their Veganuary menu, which offers a wide array of delicious, healthy drinks and bites.

Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate with a bouquet of delicate pink roses


Costa’s pink hot chocolate is made with ruby cocoa beans

Besides its key ingredient, a delicate swirl of whipped cream and a sprinkling of red chocolate curls complete the picture perfect drink. It’s a definite shoo-in for any Millennial’s ‘gram this month! And since it belongs to the high end coffee chain’s Veganuary menu, the delicious dreamy drink is guaranteed to be vegetarian and gluten free.

Now, you might be having a hard time with the concept of a vegan hot chocolate drink. After all, milk is a key ingredient for hot chocolate. Fortunately, the geniuses at Costa also thought of this, that’s why they’re offering quite an extensive list of milk choices for their customers. You can choose from non-vegan such as whole, skimmed and semi-skimmed. While the vegan options are coconut, almond and soya. You can also have lacto-free milk in your delicious pink cocoa drink to!


Don’t miss your chance to try this dreamy drink and the rest of Costa’s Veganuary offerings

We’re not sure if this special drink will stay on the menu for their February lineup but we’re totally wishing it stays all year long! This rosy drink may look fancy but it’s surprisingly affordable at just £3.35! Moreover, if you’re want to add a tropical twist to your chilly morning, Costa has a range of coconut-flavored coffee. There’s even a Coconut Hot Chocolate drink for £3.35! So, what are you waiting for? Call your friends and try everything on the Veganuary menu!

Pink Hot Chocolate with Coconut flavored drinks


People can’t get enough of the dreamy hot chocolate