People Who Learned The Hard Way Not To Believe Advice From The Internet

When we face a dilemma, many of us look to the internet for a solution. Whilst this often ends really well, there are many trolls floating around preying on the innocent and naive. They will purposefully give terrible suggestions that lead to all sorts of negative results. Here we have a list of people who learned the hard way not to believe advice from the internet. We don’t have much sympathy for many of the people involved with these!

Using a seat belt as a bottle opener is never a good idea!

When you can ‘afford’ a BMW but not a replacement wiper blade, something isn’t right!

This seems like a great idea in theory when you’re strapped for a pair of shoes but in reality, they suck!

You would have to be pretty skilled to make this turn out well…

Apparently a tennis racket is great for mashing potatoes…

Why… just why? This makes us cringe!

Some people say that putting your phone into a glass of water works great to magnify the screen!

We don’t really have any words for this one…

Whilst this does seem like an effective way of ensuring people respect your personal space, you’re welcoming hustlers to sue you if they get spiked!

We really, really, really hope that this toilet seat was brand new.

Saving time by eating bread with toothpaste just isn’t okay.

Ladies and gentleman… the universal remote.

Never use tape to stop a leak!

Putting a non-cracked egg in the microwave will end like so…