This Hot Chocolate Maker Will Melt Away Your Winter Blues

There’s no doubt that hot cocoa is the ‘hottest’ drink of the winter season. It’s the beverage that reminds us of cold days, snowfall, building a snowman, sledding or a relaxing moment near the fireplace. Make every winter moment even more luxurious with this automatic hot chocolate maker. So, you can enjoy gourmet hot cocoa with all its creamy frothiness and rich flavor.

The Velvetiser lets you make barista grade hot cocoa with just a touch of a button. Now anyone can make gourmet hot chocolate like a pro, in the comfort of their homes. Designed by Hotel Chocolat, a British chocolatier and cocoa grower, the Velvetiser has a sleek design and glossy copper finish that makes a sophisticated addition to your countertop. But of course, it’s the machine’s capabilities that matter the most, right? Inside the unit is a central whisk that efficiently blends the ingredients to create a perfectly creamy beverage with a small layer of froth on top. The machine is equipped with a heating element that heats up the drink up to 69 °C, the ideal temperature that melts cocoa solids and cocoa butter perfectly.


Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker

hot chocolate maker barista grade

Furthermore, the Velvetiser comes with 10 single serve pouches of chocolate flakes exclusively created by world-class chocolatiers at Hotel Chocolat. It includes exquisite cocoa flakes in 10 different flavors including salted caramel, hazelnut, orange, mint, ginger, chili, caramel latte, milky 50%, classic 70% and dark 85%. The machine also works with regular hot cocoa mix. So, you can use any brand of hot cocoa mix to whip up your perfect cup of warm choc.

velvetiser machine with cocoa flakes pouches


barista grade velvety choco drink

To use the Velvetiser, fill the unit with milk (any type of your choice) up to the marked line. Add the chocolate flakes (or hot cocoa mix), close the lid and press the button on the front. Your gourmet hot chocolate will be ready in two and a half minutes. The Velvetiser also comes with 2 exclusive ceramic cups to make every drinking moment a comforting indulgence.

velvetiser hotel chocolat


velvetiser bottom part

The Velvetiser has a removable whisk and non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Take note that the unit is not dishwasher-safe so hand washing is the only way to go. The unit flaunts a non-slip handle and pouring lips on both sides so both right and left-handed can handle it with ease. This winter, don’t settle for the ‘ordinary’ hot cocoa because you deserve nothing but the best. Make the cold season a special one by treating yourself to an indulgent pleasure of haute hot cocoa. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I can’t praise this product highly enough, it’s perfect. Easy to use, easy to clean, beautiful to look at and makes the most perfect hot chocolate. I’ve been looking for and failing to find a quality at home hot chocolate machine for a long time and finally this is it.”

hot chocolate maker copper finish


single serve hot chocolate maker

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velvetiser hot chocolate maker machine

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