Hilarious Twitter Replies From Gordon Ramsay Slaying People’s Food Creations

Many of you reading this may have come across some hilarious Gordon Ramsay Twitter replies before. With a fiery temper, he doesn’t hold back what he thinks. When Gordon’s not busy cooking, being with family and friends, or, filming for his TV shows, he occasionally takes the time to amusingly respond to various people on Twitter. This usually consists of someone sending him a photo of a food dish that is met with some home truths. Not always, though! Take a look and see for yourself!
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Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter Replies

We’ve seen better looking roadkill. Gordon is absolutely right, schools should know better! Do the people in power not care about the diets of students?!

Lighting like this never helps, however, the burger to bun ratio is clearly very wrong here. Who wants to be getting huge mouthfuls of bread with no filling?

We think this person knew what they were doing. Trying to test the master but failing miserably! 

Perfect for those who like a lot of crunch! We’d actually be quite curious to know how this dish tasted. Was it wonderful? Was it a complete disaster? What is the white stuff underneath the chicken?! So many questions… 

Okay, so this isn’t slaying, but even more shocking… it’s a semi compliment! We bet the person who asked the question was jumping up and down with joy! 

 We don’t know why exactly, but we feel like Gordon’s response was just perfect.

Gordon has such a way with words…

This is probably our favorite reply! What an awful crime against steak. We hope that whoever cooked this meat looks back in shame and regret! 

It does look a little on the dark side. We’d like to be able to blame the lighting but it appears Grandma may have overdone it this time round! However, we wouldn’t want to judge this too harshly without tasting it first. Grandmas tend to cook the best food. 

It’s interesting how some people will look at this and think ‘delicious’ whilst others would be disgusted…

Why is everything mixed into a big mess? Do people really do this? This dish requires all parts to stay in their separate areas!

We’re going to hope that this is mid cooking and not the final product. Though, that would be a strange image to send over the end results themselves. 

It has a great shape and color though! Sorry Gordon, but this cake gets a thumbs up from us! We’d love to know how it tastes… 

Gordon is 50, in case you were wondering…

Hilarious Tweets

You would think that if you were going to send a picture of anything food related to Gordon Ramsay you would make sure it was damn good and without flaws! Of course, this isn’t to say Gordon would definitely like it and praise you but it’s absolutely shocking some of the junk people have tweeted him expecting a good response! Although he’s brutal, the top chef certainly does make us laugh and it’s nice that he takes the time to respond to his fans, even if he does end up crushing their dreams! Keep going to see more amusing tweets!

We can’t stop seeing worms in this photo now!

This needs mixing, ASAP! Maybe then it will look better…

This dish looks awfully bland. Where is the gravy or sauces? This whole thing must have been so dry to consume! 

That is NOT a perfectly poached egg! We love it how Gordon doesn’t hold back. 

Those dots aren’t going to go very far! We kind of feel sorry for this person though. We bet they thought they were going to get a positive response. The dish is weird but we would say some good effort has gone into the presentation!

It’s really tragic that Gordon is absolutely right. Some prisoners get fed better than students, people in hospitals, the homeless etc. It’s not right in our opinion.  

We need Gordon to show everyone how it’s done.

When you try to make something sound better than it is…

Ruined. Another steak travesty. 

A good effort we say! Hearts are not always as easy to create with food as you might think! 

We would actually eat both of these! Yummy, Yummy!

It looks incomplete… what is going on with the structure and coating?